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16 May

The Girl with the Lion’s Mane of Water

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For the longest day I held them in my bubble,
my mother, my love, and my child.
When I breathed in,
our world stood still,
and when I roared, they exhaled relief,
and the baby dropped closer to us.

Then it came.
Bursting into the world with a lion’s mane of water round its neck.
My bubble was broken and my hold slipping each moment further away.
Then I lifted to look, and she became a girl.

A real girl.
Already propelling.

And there was no stopping her now.
She would grow.
Glorious and strong,
hurt and healed,
destined, and determining,
she would grow.

I am so powerful and so powerless all at once,
and I love it,
love her
and my mother,
who sits there soaked,
who one day gave birth to us both,
and it just goes on.


Willow Finney is a former counselor and current stay-at-home mother of one. Her daughter, Hazel, was born ten days past “due,” at home, in the care of a midwife. She recently turned two.

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  1. Brandy Wilkinson

    May 17, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    This was beautifully written and really touching. Thanks for sharing it, Willow!


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