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15 Feb


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Will adulthood heave our children
into an unrecognizable place
full of concrete, deadlines
and obligations so
sizable that they stop
marveling at in inch worm’s moves?

A place where mass transit
and technology
attempt to trump the
Cooper hawk’s dives and glides,
his purposeful vision
searching prey?

Will the roar of engines
making their way
across interstates
lull them to sleep
instead of the sound
of surf stroking sand?

Or will their childhood spent
crawling through the deer paths,
huckleberry blooms and sweet
scented middle moors continue
their taste for color?

Sunny cinquefoil, violet vetch,
and wild strawberries
usher in spring before
they race into summer on
glimmering waves–their bodies
angling boards on foaming crests.

Our kids ride in
with red tide and blue fish,
covered with sand and salt
their glowing skins
radiate the future
on an altar
of praise.

Monica Flegg lives on Nantucket Island with her husband and two children. Her work has been published in the Aurorean, Awake, A Nantucket Writer’s Workshop in Print, The Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry and PostScripts.

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