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24 Dec

Christmas With Little Ones–Poetry Contest Winner!

General/Column 2 Responses

When the sky is the color
of soft gray wool
and the trees line the horizon
in a scarf of evergreen
A spot in a corner of
our toy-strewn living room
aches for a Christmas tree
I pull down the boxes full
of ornaments nestled
snugly together like
Christmas cookies in tins
My kids dance about in anticipation
words tumbling out their mouths
like snowflakes making their
descent to Earth
The tree is then set up and
bristly branches are ready for decorating
The kids touch the ornaments
glitter covering their sticky hands
as they choose which ones to
put on the tree
They are young yet,
and so most ornaments
end up on the same branches
that are within their reach
A few ornaments break
either from age or excited fingers
I sigh and glue parts together
trying not to fret about the
glass ornaments further up the tree
I then think about how children
make Christmas trees glow brighter
and make Christmas carols happier
Their laughter tinkles like sleigh bells
and snowflakes dance upon their tongues
Christmas cookies taste sweeter
when stirred messily by a toddler
and snuggles next to the Christmas tree
are warmer when you have children
in your lap
A few broken Christmas ornaments
are easily fixed
as precious memories are made


Ophelia Leong has been published in Mothers Always Write, Allegro Poetry, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Saturday Night Reader, Verse-Virtual, Eunoia Review, Beyond Science Fiction, and others. She loves to write and Irish Dance in her free time. Check out her blog here: Ophelialeong.blogspot.com and find her on Twitter at @OpheliaLeong.

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  1. Naushena

    December 29, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Very sweet poem and written so beautifully that the reader can easily visualize everything as if its happening now.

    • Ophelia

      January 4, 2016 at 7:19 pm

      Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comment! 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun writing it!


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