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Be Gentle

General/Column July 14, 2017

I stare, paralyzed, at the stroller laying neatly collapsed in the entryway. It is the first thing that the new…

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White Violets

General/Column May 30, 2017

The violets in our yard bloomed white the year after my mom died. I turned nineteen a few months before…

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Forgotten Flowers

General/Column May 22, 2017

Amidst a tangle of weeds and forgotten fall leaves, my daughter discovers a lone lily of the valley. She spots…

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The Sisterhood of Bereaved Mothers–Fourth Place Winner

General/Column May 15, 2017

Within hours of learning that the paramedics couldn’t resuscitate my fourteen-month-old daughter, it dawned on me. I had joined—unwillingly—the exclusive…

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