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Review of Translucent, Sealed by Megan Merchant

General/Column June 8, 2016

Review by Jennie Robertson When I opened the envelope containing Megan Merchant’s chapbook, Translucent, Sealed, I immediately began to look…

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Book Review: Naked Parenting

In Mother Words Blog January 27, 2016

Review by Jennie Robertson My husband and I had great parenting examples, though I often fall short of what I…

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Book Review: The Unaccompanied Tour

General/Column December 16, 2015

By Book Review Editor, Jennie Robertson When I was asked to review Laura Monagan’s The Unaccompanied Tour, I first read…

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Review of Shannon Curtin’s Motherland

General/Column November 18, 2015

By Jennie Robertson Good poetry should be where beautiful words intersect with economy for maximum effect, but many times when…

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