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April Literary Writers Boot Camp

General/Column February 2, 2018

What is a Literary Writers Boot Camp? An online Boot Camp for those interested in perfecting the literary essay through extensive one-on-one…

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General/Column January 5, 2018

Towels and swimsuits crowd the table upstairs, waiting. I stand in front of my laptop watching lines spread across the…

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A Baby in December

General/Column December 29, 2017

Leaves of sienna and pumpkin and chardonnay hues lay on the ground, leaving the elm and poplar and maple trees…

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The Unraveling: Parenting a Preschooler with OCD

General/Column December 22, 2017

The sky is low, heavy gray threatening more rain. On the pavement my four-year-old son Theo thrashes. It’s afternoon, and…

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